Common Chinese Symbols


Jade: Jade was considered more valuable than gold in Chinese culture.  It was believed to come directly from the gods and confere luck, good fortune, and even immortality.

Cinnabar: A red powder that can be found in magical caves, also known as mercury.

Immortal Peaches: These heavenly fruits were thought to impart immortality and genie-hood upon those who consumed them.

Dragons, Unicorns, Turtles, and Phoenix: These four animals were often considred guardians of the cardinal points and were often mythicized to a severe degree.    They were considered the four lords of the animals and all animals would have to report to one of them.  Dragons, Unicorns, and Phoenix were considered to be auspicious omens when they appeared.  The turtle, which could be seen more often, was often considered a key ingredient in immortality drugs because of their supposed long life spans.

The Four Dragon Gods of the Oceans: They were four dragon gods who ruled the oceans and controlled rain.  They were good friends with Monkey King.

Auspicious Luminosity: This can actually be translated to clouds, but auspicious luminosity gets across the idea that these were special clouds.  These, as well as cranes, phoenix, or dragons were often the chosen form of transportation for immortals.   The three disciples can all "mount the clouds" i.e. ride upon their auspicious luminosities.