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Hello again, friends.  Going so soon?  That's alright, please enjoy these sources and links to help futher your knowledge of the Great Monkey King.
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There are two good translations of Journey to the West.  The first is translated by Anthony C. Yu and comes in 4 volumes.  This version features all of the original poetry and can be a little hard to get through because the translation is very exact. 
The second version is translated by W.J.F. Jenner and comes in 3 volumes.  This version leaves out some of the poetry and is a more literary translation.  This version offers a little more characterization and is a little easier to understand for the English reader.  If this is your first time reading Journey to the West I would recommend the second version. 
Both of these are currently in print and should be available at your local bookstore.   If you can't find them there, try

Here are the book sources that I have used for my research.  Some of these may be out of print; check your local library system.
Blofeld, John.  Taoism, The Road to Immortality.  Shambhala, Boston. 2000.
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Ni, Mao Shing.  The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine.  Shambhala, Boston. 1995.
Roberts. Gareth, The Mirror of Alchemy.  University of Toronto Press, Toronto.  1994.
Ware, J.R.  Alchemy, Medicine, Religion in the China of AD 320 (The Nei P’ien of Ko Hung).  MIT Press.  1966.
Wei, Henry.  The Guiding Light of Lao Tzu.  A new Translation and Commentary on the Tao The Ching.  The Theosophical Publishing House, Wheaton, Illinois.  1988
Wriggins, Sally.  Xuanzang A Buddhist Pilgrim on the Silk Road.  Westview Press Boulder, CO.  1996.

Internet Links:

Historical Information:
Monkey King: Journey to the West - A "comic book" of the first seven chapters of the novel.  It features some very beautiful Chinese paintings that are used to illustrate the novel.
Ancient China - Buy books about the history of China here!
The Tang Dynasty - A time line of the Tang Dynasty.
Journey to the West: A Buddhist Novel - A nice summery of the novel.
Wu Cheng'en - Information on the author of Journey to the West.

The Evoultion of Monkey: From Chinese Folk Saint to Japanese Manga Hero - It explains how Monkey King became, among other things, Son Goku of Dragon Ball fame.
Smoking Circles - A site with good information about the anime GensoMaden Saiyuki.
A little ruckus in the trip to the West - Another good site about the anime GensoMaden Saiyuki.
Rice Balls and Jeeps - Another interesting site about the animeGensoMaden Saiyuki.
Gensomaden Saiyuki - An all around great site for information about the Anime.  You'll definitely want to stop here.

Televison Show:
Monkey - A very complete site with lots and lots of information about the TV show Monkey Magic.
Monkey! The TV Show - Information about Monkey's Japanese TV show.
Monkey Heaven - A very large and complete page with tons of information about the TV show.

For more sources try Google or the Anipike.