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A Shrine to the True Hero ofJourney to the West
Welcome, friends.  You've reached the Monkey King Shrine.  Why is it a Shrine?  Because I'm a hopeless fan girl and the great Monkey King, a hero of Chinese Mythology, deserves his own shrine.


I've done research into the Great Monkey King of legend, and I've noticed that there aren't a lot of webpages out there that tell one anything about the Great Monkey King.   The few I've managed to find are listed on the Monkey Links page.  With this page, I'm hoping to at least partially fill a void.

Most of these sections are very brief and designed merely to give you the background that you'll need to know in order to fully appreciate the Great Monkey King.  If you're already familiar with Chinese Mythology, please feel free to skip ahead to the section that you want to read.  If you've never heard about any of this I suggest you start at the top of the table of contents and work your way down.

Everything in the Chinese tradition is very interconnected with every other aspect of the tradition.  Therefore in order to really understand what's going on in Journey to the West you need to understand certain things about just about everything.   I've done my best to provide a beginning reader with the basics of just about everything they'll need to know to fully enjoy this wonderful epic!

For wallapapers and Live Journal icons of the Great Monkey King, check out my main site.